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Mt Tam is open, again

Our parks are open to vehicles and parking, again. However, please be mindful of crowds, especially on the beach, and try to maintain your social distance.

Beach warning

Last winter, storms caused serious erosion to our beach LZ. Although much of the sand returned over the summer, the sandbag steps are still in use, between our alleyway and the beach.

Our weather station has been repaired!

Once again, the anemometer on our weather station wore out and had to be replaced. That one lasted two years. Let's hope this one does better.

Expanded membership

Due to new insurance requirements, MCHGA has agreed to include paraglider pilots in the club. Effective immediately, paragliding at Mt. Tam will be administered and regulated by MCHGA instead of BAPA.

Site update:

  • Winter storms have removed a significant amount of sand from our beach, this year. As a result, high tides are restricting our LZ. Be sure to check tides before coming up to Tam.
  • There is currently no windsock at launch. Bring your own, and be sure to take it with you after flying.
  • We now have a windsock posted at the end of the alleyway, for landings.
  • The Seadrift sign has been replaced! Beware of this obstacle at the north end of our LZ, and land south of it.


Next Meeting: Thursday, December 3 at 7 p.m.

The club's holiday gathering has been cancelled for this year. Instead, we will hold our usual monthly meeting on the first Thursday of December. Club meetings are now scheduled for the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are currently held online during the pandemic. If you would like to attend our next virtual meeting, please email by 12/2/20, and you will be provided with a link to join.

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