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Association (MCHGA)

P.O. Box 785, Mill Valley, CA 94942

Club Officers:

President: David Beerman Vice-President: Phil Merrell
Secretary: Eric Beckman Treasurer: Phil Ray
Editor: (vacant)    
Tam Hang Gliding Admin: David Beerman Tam Paragliding Admin: Wally Anderson

Tam Committee:  Eric Beckman, David Beerman, Wally Anderson, and Weegie McAdams

Official Documents:*

Mt. Tamalpais Hang Gliding Rules  

Mt. Tamalpais Paragliding Rules  

MCHGA Bylaws  

Mt. Tam Hang Gliding / Paragliding Sticker Application and Waiver

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MCHGA Online:

Address update form

Mt Tam authorized pilots for 2018

Mt Tam authorized pilots for 2019

2019 Tam HG sticker availability chart

Mt Tam Soaring log


1) Only 5 gliders (in or out of the bag, paragliders not included) at a launch site.
2) Only 5 gliders in the LZ alleyway. (No shouting, please)
3) Please land on the beach south of the alleyway if safe to do so. Check Tides!!
4) Don't fly if there are too many people on the beach.
5) Pilots must ensure safe beach-goer conditions for subsequent pilots.

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