Mount Tamalpais State Park
Hang Glider / Paraglider Pilot Requirements

The Marin County Hang Gliding Association maintains a Special Use Permit with the State Park Service to allow hang gliding and paragliding on Mt Tam. All pilots are required to have a current MCHGA sticker attached to their helmet, to be permitted to set up or fly a glider off Mt Tam (see HG Rules and/or PG Rules). The purpose of the helmet sticker is to identify qualified pilots to Park authorities and other pilots.

For a list of current 2023 MCHGA sticker holders, click here.

Mt Tam is an Intermediate rated site. However, P3 pilots must have an authorized sponsor* for their first flight at Tam. All pilots must have a site intro before their first flight.

A MCHGA sticker is easily obtained from selected club officers/members. All pilots must read park rules, sign an application and a waiver. New and continuing pilots must pay a fee of $20 per calendar year. This fee goes strictly towards keeping the site open and accessible to foot launched flying. The fee may be waived for visiting pilots. If you are visiting the site and wish to be considered for a free sticker, see below to see if you qualify.

MCHGA also has a program for novice hang glider pilots. The program requires the novice pilot to be under the supervision of a non-commercial certified instructor**.

* Current approved paragliding sponsors: Anthony Abate, David Beerman, Eric Beckman, and Andrew Whitehill.
** Current approved non-commercial certified instructors: Kurtis Carter.

* Privacy Statement *

During the application / renewal process, the club collects address, telephone and email contact information from all pilots. This information is maintained entirely offline, for the purpose of sending out newsletters, and occasionally, to contact pilots about matters relating to the sports of hang gliding and paragliding. The club will NEVER sell any of this information, or share it with ANY commercial interest or other outside parties.

All pilots applying for a Mt. Tam sticker MUST show:

  • a current USHPA card rated Intermediate or higher, and
  • a photo I.D.

To obtain a sticker and/or more information, please contact one of the below club officers or members:

Hang Gliding Sticker Contacts
Name City Phone Email
David Beerman Mill Valley (415) 323-0147*
Phil Ray Mill Valley (415) 381-1206*
Paragliding Sticker Contacts
Wally Anderson San Anselmo (415) 456-3670
David Beerman Mill Valley (415) 323-0147*
* = call any day, 9AM - 9PM

For stickers by MAIL:
Print out and complete the application and waiver (below), and send with your fees to:

Marin County Hang Gliding Association
P.O. Box 785
Mill Valley, CA 94942

Hang Gliding / Paragliding application and waiver

NOTE: If you open this form in a browser window, the form's functionality may suffer. To ensure full funtionality, first download the form to your computer, then open it with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. After filling the form, you will have to print it and sign it manually. (Emails are not acceptable.)

Visiting Pilots

To qualify as a "visiting pilot", you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your home address must be at least 100 miles (straight line distance) from Marin County. For California pilots, this means you are either north of Willits, south of Monterey, or east of Placerville.
  • Your (free) use of the mountain will be limited to no more than 5 days during any one year period.
  • You must complete all of the usual paperwork and sign the waivers.
  • If possible, make arrangements in advance! Begin by emailing me to tell me about your trip plans.

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