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Web Cams - (Intermittent updates: check timestamps)

Mt. Tam Cam
views from Muir Woods, Middle Peak, Tiburon and more

Fort Funston

Mission Peak

Muir Beach
Muir Beach

Recorded Weather Data

Mt. Tamalpais: (415) 381-WIND (Jr.) Mt. Diablo: (925) 838-9225
Stinson Beach: (415) 868-1922 Ed Levin: (408) 946-9516
Fort Funston: (415) 333-0100 WOR Soaring Forecast: (408) 973-1976

Weather Links

Current Tides at Point Reyes, CA
David's custom weather view
Soarcast.com - flying weather forecasts for northern CA sites

Naval Research Labs Satellite Data  :   SF radar image
Western US Infrared Satellite  :   Western US Visible Satellite
Weather Underground - SF Bay Area Satellite

Aviation Surface Wind forecast for San Francisco
Mount Tam Hourly Weather Forecast
Stinson Beach Hourly Weather Forecast
Mount Tam - Middle Peak - Remote Access Weather Station
Mount Tam - Middle Peak - Alternate Weather Station
SFGate Fog Forecast (24 hour loop)
San Francisco Bay WIND PATTERN Map   (Surface Winds Interpolated Live)
NWS - San Francisco Bay Area WEATHER PAGE
N. Pacific - Isobaric Analysis + IR Satellite (0Z or 12Z)  :   N. Pacific Jetstream

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast  :   METAR Observations
Decoded Upper Air Soundings (Univ. of Wyoming)
Oakland Upper Air Sounding (Skew T)
NCEP Winds Aloft Forecasts FD3(24hr) (SFO) - SFO/SAC  :   FD1(6hr)
Zone Forecast for SF Bay Area, Central Coast, N. Calif. (NOAA/NWS)

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast  :   METAR Observations  
(Closest thing to Hull & Elk Mtn.)

NWSFO Reno Home Page
Reno Area Soaring Forecast
Terminal Aerodrome Forecast  :   METAR Observations

Owens Valley Hourly Weather Information   (Just W of Bishop - map)

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