Requirements for operating a 2 meter radio

You must have an Amateur Radio License before operating the types of hand-held and mobile transceivers that are used for communication between hang glider pilots.

Here are some starting points for anyone wanting to get his/her amateur radio license:

You will need a Technician Class (or better) license. This class was formerly known as "Tech - No Code", because you don't have to memorize Morse code to obtain the license.

The list of local HAM testing sites and times is online at: .

All of the questions are publicly available. You can buy a book or just use the various online tests to study: (the complete question pool) (choose Technician exam) (exam in left navigation bar)

Or, if you want online, computer-based training that "guarantees" you will pass the test (for $30), check out:

And, of course, the FCC is anxious to help you get all the information you need to obtain this license. Visit them at:
FCC Amateur Radio Service

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