A good site intro at Mt. Tam should include the following:

  1. A visit to the Pantoll ranger station, providing details about where to park and where and when to sign in.
  2. A tour of all three launch sites, including a discussion of wind conditions for each site.
  3. A good view of the LZ, with north and south end points clearly indicated.
  4. A discussion of where public beach access is available.
  5. A description of normal flight paths, including where flying is allowed, and where the airspace is restricted.
  6. Information about where thermals and/or soaring is likely. Warnings about where turbulence and sink is likely.
  7. Advice about potential wind conditions, including gradients and turbulence. A discussion of where and when rotors are likely.
  8. A discussion of favorable and unfavorable weather conditions.
  9. A discussion of relevant rules, including the number and type of gliders allowed to set up at each launch site, and a recommendation that pilots on the beach assist the landings of others.
  10. For newer pilots, a discussion of beach landing approaches and techniques.